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So basically, I'm supposed to be writing my election papers (2!) for…

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So basically, I'm supposed to be writing my election papers (2!) for AP Gov, I'll probably end up rocking them.. but my dad's getting serious surgery tomorrow, and I can't concentrate. Yesterday, in two hours, I got far enough to make a cover page.. for only one paper, and that was plain text. JEEZ. I am freaked and totally fucked, cause the papers are due tomorrow. Oh well. I recorded a dream for pysch. I couldn't record the one I had last weekend, it was too horrible, and even thinking about it makes me feel sick. Anyways, I'm off to go write. I dunno why, but no matter how long I'm away from lj, it always makes me feel better to write in it. I've not been checking friends pages or anything like that, so don't get your hopes up. I'm sorry if anything's big happened that I missed, but I really need to focus on this school bullshit right now. LOVE Y'ALL!

Oh, and I'm thinking of getting my hair cut really really short.. I've been passing around the pics, and to anyone at JMHS, just poke me in the halls, I normally have the pic in my bag somewhere.

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